Shell Site - Project Details

Interactive Linux Command Line Version of this site

This site has gone through quite a few re-writes. The core idea behind this version is a "virtual filesystem". The "virtual filesystem" is a set of files laid out in the style of a Linux directory structure. Each file can be a download, raw HTML or a JSON file. Each file dictates what content the website should display.

/home/tom/my_projects/snap_share /etc

For example; everything under /home/tom makes up the different sections on the homepage. Everything under /home/tom/my_projects/ contains JSON files which tell the site what projects I am working on and where to find the Code or Jenkins Links.

A Example Project for this Page:
{"project": {
"short_name": "Shell Site",
"long_name": "Interactive Linux Command Line Version of this site",
"description": "Using a dynamic 'filesystem' ...",
"jenkins": "",
"code": "",
"download": "",
"direct_link": ""

This allows both this more "friendly" site and the command line site to share the same content.

This site also has a "Command Line" version. Click the "View Project" at the top of the page to try it out. Styled to look like a Linux command line you can 'cd', 'ls' and 'cat' your way through the "virtual filesystem" to view all the different parts of the site. There's quite a few secrets as well embedded into the site, see if you can find them all.